Agricultural assets play a number of roles in portfolios, providing diversification, stable current income, the potential for strong, long-term returns, and an inflation hedge.

Besides these benefits, investments in agriculture can also present opportunities for alignment with a number ofimportant Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Valoral Advisors embraces the sustainable development of the food and agriculture sector built on the triple bottom line – social responsibility, environmental soundness, and economic viability.

We believe that conducting business for profit and impact represents the largest investment opportunity of our era in this sector. In this way, enduring value can be created through strategies that leverage the inherent link between natural, social and financial capital.

For this purpose, and together with ESG consultants:

We facilitate specific expertise and resources for those clients who are looking to invest in or to build impact-focused opportunities in areas such as water conservation, regenerative agriculture, sustainable food production, food loss & food waste mitigation, health and wellness, and resource efficiency, among other impact themes.

We screen and evaluate opportunities for value creation through sustainable agriculture. •We work with clients to combine investment performance, along with environmental and social impact, into well-diversified investment portfolios.

We help to incorporate environmental, social and governance (ESG) metrics and analytics into investment decisions and management as a way not only to contribute to sustainable development in the target markets, but also to provide a way to enhance the investment process by assisting to identify and manage risks, as well as to create value.

We partner with fund managers and other investment firms to support long-term sustainable and scalable solutions that adress some of the most critical global challenges.

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