Strategic advisory services

We work with our clients to help them explore the broad food and agriculture investment space, understanding the market fundamentals, the value drivers and business risks and the opportunity set across the value chain, geographies and the asset spectrum.

We also help our clients to design investment strategies that fit with their goals and needs and that express their investment style. Weprovide in-depth analysis and research to support their investment strategies.

We also work closely with business owners to evaluate strategic options, design long-term business strategies, and perform business valuations.

Our comprehensive set of offerings includes:

Workshops and exploration trips
In-depth research across major food and agricultural markets
Design and planning of local, regional and global investment strategies & portfolios
Development of proprietary deal flow
Asset and opportunity sourcing and selection
Support in the investment decision

In our strategic advisory services we place emphasis on delivering:

Big picture perspective of the asset class
Sharp focus on the opportunities
Rigorous, fact-based analysis
In-depth market visibility
Actionable advice

We believe that by bringing visibility and perspective to the market opportunities and by providing rigorous analysis based onobjective facts, investors can build attractive and successful investment strategies.

Please get in contact with us for further details.


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