Management services

In collaboration with local partners, we deliver tailored farm management and consultancy services to investors who plan to invest oralready own farmland assets across South America. We work closely with investors to clarify their objectives and the agreed strategy.

Our comprehensive set of offerings includes:

Monitoring, review and evaluation of agricultural development projects and programs.
Advice on farm business strategy, including “non-executive” direction of farming partnerships and companies.
Assessment of appropriate operating structures including negotiation and set upof contract farming agreements and joint ventures.
Farm management.
Business restructuring and business reviews.
Advice on grain markets, crop marketing and risk management.
Supply chain consultancy.
Performance benchmarking.

In our management services we place emphasis on delivering:

Absolute alignment of interests with our clients.
Robust science-based technical and agronomic advice.
Judicious risk management.

We believe that by bringing visibility and perspective to the market opportunities and by providing rigorous analysis based onobjective facts, investors can build attractive and successful investment strategies.

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