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insideAgro @insideAgro Tue Nov 29

Water and agriculture: California has just gone through the state’s driest three-year period on record: The state'…

Posted Tue Nov 29, 2022

insideAgro @insideAgro Sat Oct 22

Investing in food & agriculture: ESG pressure on agrifood companies is mounting, and will not stop anytime soon...

Posted Sat Oct 22, 2022

insideAgro @insideAgro Tue Oct 18

@agree_ag @LNcampo Muchos éxitos con el lanzamiento de Agree en México! El mercado agroalimentario de la toda la r…

Posted Tue Oct 18, 2022

insideAgro @insideAgro Tue Oct 11

The mood in Europe today: Not even food and agriculture investments can attract investors with the current market…

Posted Tue Oct 11, 2022

insideAgro @insideAgro Mon Oct 03

#Farming in Europe: Legumes, part of the #plantbased protein crops with growing demand as dairy and meat protein r…

Posted Mon Oct 03, 2022

insideAgro @insideAgro Thu Sep 22

The war in Ukraine and the energy crisis in the Dutch vegetable sector: Up to 40% of vegetable growers are in fina…

Posted Thu Sep 22, 2022

insideAgro @insideAgro Mon Sep 12

Farmland investments go public: US #Farmland investment trust seeks to raise £200m in London IPO. #RealAssets…

Posted Mon Sep 12, 2022

insideAgro @insideAgro Wed Jun 08

Virgin Money launches £200m agri-fund to help farmers reach net-zero by investing in low-carbon solutions like onsi…

Posted Wed Jun 08, 2022

insideAgro @insideAgro Wed Jun 08

Energy & agriculture: The new OPEC Fund "Food Security Action Plan" will deploy $1 Billion to cover import costs of…

Posted Wed Jun 08, 2022

insideAgro @insideAgro Wed May 18

@elerianm summarizes in a brilliant way the drivers that explain the recent move in DXY and the risks which a stron…

Posted Wed May 18, 2022

insideAgro @insideAgro Mon May 16

Investing in #RegenerativeAg: @AXA, @Unilever, and @TikehauIM announce their ambition to create an impact fund ded…

Posted Mon May 16, 2022

insideAgro @insideAgro Wed May 11

Investing in real assets & infrastructure? Don't miss our latest report, which presents 20 different investment ar…

Posted Wed May 11, 2022

insideAgro @insideAgro Wed Apr 20

Good reading on the impact of the Ukraine war on food supply and food affordability...

Posted Wed Apr 20, 2022

insideAgro @insideAgro Thu Apr 14

Can #seaweed fix the food system? This global coalition thinks so...

Posted Thu Apr 14, 2022

insideAgro @insideAgro Thu Apr 14

Investing in #Plantbased proteins: The Danish Government is investing $100 million in plant-based fund Plantefonde…

Posted Thu Apr 14, 2022

insideAgro @insideAgro Thu Apr 14

More on the growing interest in farmland: Prices for prime Midwest cropland climbed by up to a third in past year…

Posted Thu Apr 14, 2022

insideAgro @insideAgro Thu Apr 14

Amid record crop prices, interest to invest in farmland is also on the rise... #Farmland #RealAssets…

Posted Thu Apr 14, 2022

insideAgro @insideAgro Thu Apr 14

The war in Ukraine has put food systems, and their fragility, at the top of the global agenda. This has raised a…

Posted Thu Apr 14, 2022

insideAgro @insideAgro Sun Apr 03

More SPACs target the food sector:

Posted Sun Apr 03, 2022

insideAgro @insideAgro Mon Mar 21

#UkraineWar and Agriculture: The European Union reviews sustainable food plans as Ukraine war disrupts imports.

Posted Mon Mar 21, 2022


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