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InsideAgro @insideAgro Thu Feb 13

#NowReading: How ultra-processed food took over your shopping basket

Posted Thu Feb 13, 2020

InsideAgro @insideAgro Wed Feb 12

Investing in agriculture? Check out the #CarbonFootprint of the food supply chain...

Posted Wed Feb 12, 2020

InsideAgro @insideAgro Sun Feb 09

Sunday reading: Meet these European #FoodTech startups!

Posted Sun Feb 09, 2020

InsideAgro @insideAgro Fri Feb 07

Investing in plant-based proteins: here comes Wall Street...

Posted Fri Feb 07, 2020

InsideAgro @insideAgro Mon Jan 27

Investing with impact in agriculture: The IDH Farmfit Fund is the world’s biggest ever public-private #ImpInv fund…

Posted Mon Jan 27, 2020

InsideAgro @insideAgro Mon Jan 20

2019 #GreenBond issuance reached $255 Billion (+49% from '18) according to @ClimateBonds. Land use & marine resour…

Posted Mon Jan 20, 2020

InsideAgro @insideAgro Fri Jan 17

Investing in food retail commercial assets: Barings, the U.S. asset manager, acquired a portfolio of ten supermark…

Posted Fri Jan 17, 2020

InsideAgro @insideAgro Thu Jan 16

The 2020 @wef Risk Report shows a big shift in global risk perception from the economy to climate & nature. For th…

Posted Thu Jan 16, 2020

InsideAgro @insideAgro Wed Jan 15

#NowReading: Why Elon Musk's SpaceX is launching cannabis and coffee to space in 2020...

Posted Wed Jan 15, 2020

InsideAgro @insideAgro Mon Jan 13

Lab-grown burguers are one step closer to the shelves: Mosa Meat gets funding from Lowercarbon Capital and Nutreco…

Posted Mon Jan 13, 2020

InsideAgro @insideAgro Mon Jan 13

#AgTech investments in Africa: Moroccan investment fund acquires stake in SOWIT, which enables farmers to preserv…

Posted Mon Jan 13, 2020

InsideAgro @insideAgro Mon Jan 13

Impact investing in the food sector: Can mission-driven food companies scale up without selling out?

Posted Mon Jan 13, 2020

InsideAgro @insideAgro Sun Jan 12

Leaving a food-print: Don't miss this timely update on @Temasek's investments in the food and agricultural space..…

Posted Sun Jan 12, 2020

InsideAgro @insideAgro Sun Jan 12

Alternative meats in Asia: Mock meat merchants smell $16bn opportunity in Asia-Pacific in 2020...

Posted Sun Jan 12, 2020

InsideAgro @insideAgro Sun Jan 12

Investing in Nordic #FoodTech: How Stockholm wants to be 'the green FoodTech hub of the future'...

Posted Sun Jan 12, 2020

InsideAgro @insideAgro Thu Jan 09

Agriculture is not only about large scale, industrial farming. Family farmers produce more than 80% of the world’s…

Posted Thu Jan 09, 2020

InsideAgro @insideAgro Thu Jan 09

Investing in #Water and #Agriculture: An ever-drier world will unleash investment flood

Posted Thu Jan 09, 2020

InsideAgro @insideAgro Thu Jan 09

A provocative headline or the future of food…? Lab-grown food will soon destroy farming – and save the planet…

Posted Thu Jan 09, 2020

InsideAgro @insideAgro Tue Jan 07

Investing in natural botanical extracts: ADM acquires Yerbalatina, a Brazilian manufacturer of plant-based ingredi…

Posted Tue Jan 07, 2020

InsideAgro @insideAgro Wed Dec 18

Investing in alternative #PetFood: Bond Pets Foods, a US-based startup utilizing biotechnology to develop lab-made…

Posted Wed Dec 18, 2019


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